Your easy link to 6 FreeTrivia channels!

DarkMyst link.


Type your nick in the nick box, and the

Trivia channel in the channel box.

The channel needs to start with an #

Eg: #AussieTrivia

Trivia Channels


Provided by the lovely Medusa.



Owned and run by the famous Medusa.





17 hours a day.


17 hours a day.


Easy fun with cliches.

17 hours a day.

If you have an IRC client:

#TZtrivia runs on linode

All other channels run on

Trivia Chat is also available.

A modern site with many chat rooms 

and a variety of fun activities.

Song requests.

Upload pictures in channel.



Funny comics.

Connect four.

Tic Tac Toe.





Discord Trivia and much more.

A free download of Discord is

required to access Trivia Chat.

It can be downloaded here.

Trivia Chat Home Page link:

Under Welcome to Trivia

Chat is the direct link.

Trivia Chat 

Please feel free to invite friends to chat.

If there are any questions about the

functions available please ask a moderator.

Additional rooms can be created on request

if the name and content is acceptable.

All channels are monitored by helpful

Volunteers. No abuse is tolerated in any

channel. No swearing is allowed in all

channels except for #thesimsmobilexxx-18plus.