The easy way to play Trivia, and 

ScrabbleMania/Countdown for free!

DarkMyst link.

Just click on this link-

Type your nick in the nick box, and the

Trivia channel in the channel box.

The channel needs to start with an #

Eg: #AussieTrivia

Trivia Channels


Provided by the lovely Medusa.



Owned and run by the famous Medusa.



16 hours a day.


17 hours a day.


16 hours a day.


Easy fun with cliches.

17 hours a day.

If you have an IRC client:

#TZtrivia runs on linode

All other channels run on


Another classic old favourite. Think

online scrabble. If you're a

wordsmith this is ideal for you.

This has also been known as Countdown.

16 Hours a day

Chat channels can be created on

request and Moderators appointed,

or just ask me how to do it

and have your own.

Our Facebook Group is called IRC Trivia

Channels, and feel free to join

The Sims Mobile Friends as well.

All channels are monitored by helpful

Volunteers. No abuse is tolerated in

any channel and please don't swear.

Have fun!