The easy way to play in a Trivia bot channel for free!

DarkMyst link.

 1. Just click on this link-

 2. Type your nick in the nick box, and type   the Trivia channel in the channel box.

 The channel needs to start with an #

 3. Select Log in.



Broaden your knowledge with

a variety of trivia questions.

Enjoy trying to improve your trivia statistics.

All are automatically kept for you

unless you don't play for over six weeks.

The Trivia bot has bonuses, row bonuses, mega bonuses, and jackpots. 

It's a lot of fun.

Chat with the regular players, and

get to know people from all over the world.

If you have an IRC client:

All channels run on

Our Facebook Group is IRC Trivia, & feel free to join The Sims Mobile Friends as well.

It's a fun games group with

over 2,900 members.

All channels are monitored by helpful

Volunteers. No abuse is tolerated in

any channel and please don't swear. We

want all players to feel safe.